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New content on the SFF homepage

Looks like Yibble's stopped updating this, so I thought I'd stop by and let y'all know what's happening over on the SFF homepage.


Twisted Tales page now up!

Click here for photos, synopses, filming updates, and even a full-length video of the first completed Twisted Tale, Cinderella.

Actor of the Week -- Michael Hasler


Congratulations to Michael Hasler -- this week's Actor of the Week!

Michael joined the company in the winter of 2002 when he played Anubis, one of the member of the Sorcerers Council in Dream Chasers, stepping in at the last minute. He did a great job with that part and returned to the set and screen for Eidolon in 2004 as an extra in various scenes and a crew person. Mike has a great sense of humor and a laid back personality that makes him fun to be around. Recently he was very ill and in the hospital, and Sine Fine Films wishes him a speedy recovery. Thanks for everything, Mike! Get well soon!

Actor of the Week -- Julia Mayfair


Congratulations to Julia Mayfair -- this week's Actor of the Week!

Julia joined the company in the summer of 2000 when she played Keira, De Carlo's niece, in Pandora's Box. She did a great job and eventually (once filming moved back to CU) agreed to be in Eidolon as one of the actresses in the TV show within the show called Sorcerer where she played Cassandra Nijers the actress playing the fun loving, gun toting Gwen Vargas (confused yet?). She then played a dancing extra in The Cursed Destiny of Pandora's Box, and most recently she agreed to play an extra and was forced to play a lead in Twisted Tales: Hulde where she nearly froze filming in the snow. Thanks Julia! You're awesome!

Actor of the Week -- Marilyn Whalen


Congratulations to Marilyn Whalen -- this week's Actor of the Week!

Marilyn joined the company in the summer of 2004 when she hosted the July Shoot of Eidolon, and then performed the part of Mordecai's Manager in Episode 4. She was a wonderful actress and a fantastic person. Sadly she recently passed away, but she will forever live on in Episode 4 of Eidolon.

Actor of the Week -- Liz Schafer


Congratulations to Liz Schafer -- this week's Actor of the Week!

Liz joined the company in the spring of 2001 when she jumped into the lead role of Zandra Anderson in The Curse when the other actors lined up for the part bowed out. She's a good actress and did a great job. Liz majored in Theater at SIU and aspired to be a professional actress. I hope she has achieved her goals. Thanks for being in The Curse, Liz!

R.I.P. Marilyn Whalen

Very sad news: one of the members of SFF has recently passed away. Marilyn Whalen was a wonderful woman and a great actress. She played the role of Mordecai's Manager in Eidolon. She will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace, Marilyn. Condolences to her family, including SFF members Brittany Whalen-Meyer and Kevin Meyer.


Actor of the Week -- Michael Meadows


Congratulations to Michael Meadows -- this week's Actor of the Week!

Michael joined the company in the winter of 1999 when he agreed to play young Turlo in Episode 17 and 18 of Pandora's Box. Later, he played Vance, the Prince of Cutthroats in Episodes 21-23 of Pandora's Box. Michael was an extremely talented actor and a pleasure to work with. I was very glad that he wanted to be involved in SFF productions and wherever he is now, I am sure his talent and intellect have taken him far.

Actor of the Week -- Isobel Stasheff

Isobel Stasheff

Congratulations to Isobel Stasheff -- this week's Actor of the Week!

Isobel joined the company in the winter of 1999 when, being my sister and happening to be in the house at the time, she was shanghied into playing the role of Druid Ghost in Episode 6 of Pandora's Box. She was a lot of fun to work with and we had a great time on set. I highly doubt I will be working with her again, since she's married and living in Ohio, but I hope to have her son Asher (my nephew) be in a movie at some point in the future.

Actor of the Week -- Joe Ojeda


Congratulations to Joe Ojeda -- this week's Actor of the Week!

Joe joined the company in the fall of 2002 when he happened to be up at the SPC-TV station when I need five people to be sorcerers, and he agreed to be one of them. Joe is an exceptionally talented guy -- as an actor, a comedian, and the host and producer of his own show "Cha". I was very lucky to have a chance to work with him, and although circumstances would probably prevent it, I would love to work with him again.